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Welcome !

Thank for getting here ! I hope you'll will enjoy my website. You are so many following my adventures and I would like to thank you all for comments, likes and messages. It means the world for me. Few years ago, I was hoping to live my life to the fullest and I decide to follow my dreams by quiting my job.

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas A. Edison

I've never been so proud of my self since the day I choose to think out of the box  ! I can do a lot more than I can imagine,  and without trying, I would never discover what I am capable of !  Bushcraft is hard but also so incredibly satisfaying. I've always hesitate to try to create something with my own hands, and now I know how powerfull they are.

Your brain and your hands can do more than what you think ! Look at what I've done in this video ! Believe in yourself.

What I've done

Buschcraft Fishing House

This is a place where I love to fish, but in winter, the level of the river gain numerous meters. To fish here in winter, I had to build a plateform where I can live, hide, fish, sleep and navigate...

Survival Tiny House Shelter

It’s freezing outside and I had to build a tiny shelter where I can rest in Winter. To warm my self, I decided to build a fireplace and to cook an entrecote. It begins to snow and creating this...

Tomb Shelter

What’s matter in Nature is to be quiet and discreet, so Wildlife can keep going as I wasn’t there. It’s really important for me to do not disturb my four-legs companions as nutria...

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